['eni] 1. pronoun, adjective
1) (one, some, no matter which: `Which dress shall I wear?' `Wear any (dress)'; `Which dresses shall I pack?' `Pack any (dresses)'.) 無論哪一個,任何(的)
2) ((in questions and negative sentences etc) one, some: John has been to some interesting places but I've never been to any; Have you been to any interesting places?; We have hardly any coffee left.) (多用于疑問句﹑否定句)一些
2. adjective
(every: Any schoolboy could tell you the answer.) 每一個
3. adverb
(at all; (even) by a small amount: Is this book any better than the last one?; His writing hasn't improved any.) 任何程度,絲毫
- anyone
- anyhow
- anything
- anyway
- anywhere
- at any rate
- in any case

English-Chinese(Traditional) Dictionary. 2008.

(of many), / (indefinitely), , ,

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